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Bar codes can revolutionise your organisation’s efficiency in handling everything from appeal mailing responses and gone-aways, questionnaire processing and management of visitors at events.

thankQ is configured to work with a bar code reader and this cost effective equipment can quickly and accurately transfer information directly from the page or name badge into the database, reducing the risk of data entry keying errors.

The scope for using bar codes with thankQ is endless. Here we have identified just two areas which may be of particular interest to you, however if you think a bar code scanner might assist you, contact us, and we will be happy to advise you.


Why not print a barcode on all appeal letters? As responses are processed, scan the bar code and immediately the correct contact record will be available on your screen enabling you to complete your transaction quickly.

Even better; thankQ can be configured with a set of default information associated with specific bar codes – perhaps an appeal source code, a monetary value or payment type. By scanning this information directly from the page the data is quickly and accurately added to the batch.

Processing of gone-aways can be a time consuming job, but by including a bar code on all mailings any returned items marked as ‘gone-away’ can be quickly scanned and the records updated. This could save you more than just manual processing time, it could save you valuable postage costs on future mailings.


If you are running an event you want, and need, to quickly and accurately record delegates as they arrive. With a bar code printed on each name badge or against a list of expected delegates you can capture the name, date and time of arrival for each attendee.

On the day this helps you know where your delegates are, critical for health and safety. After the event this information can be used in any follow up communication and evaluation of visitor numbers for future planning.